Jiří Lacina

Sv. Anežky Ceské 26
tel.: 040/516 848
530 02 Pardubice
Czech Republic
Homepage: http://www.stapro.cz/cz/galerie/lacina2.htm

born on 7th April 1934 in Škvorec near Prague

studies on the School of Applied Arts in Prague

studies on the High School of Applied Arts in Prague

he settled in Pardubice, where he started to make friends in the Group of Artists, which created important part of Czech art in the next decade-sixties

he was prisoned for your political poster against soviet ocupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968

From this time to November 1989 he was persecuted by communist regime and he was not between official artists. After the November 1989 he had opportunities to exihibit his work of Art from all the life.

He lives and works in Pardubice.

    Jirí Lacina Foto

Participation in Collections

National Gallery, Prague

Central - European Museum, Prague

Gallery and Museum of Modern Art, Hradec Králové

East Bohemian Gallery, Pardubice

Jirí Lacina Bild

Jirí Lacina Bild

Jirí Lacina Bild

Jirí Lacina Bild